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More great comments from alumni sent by email to

May 07, 2020

If I can prevent a student from having to do a virtual field camp, I will donate even more money!!!  CM, Bakersfield


I am so pleased to know that my small gift would make a difference! You know, I have always been proud of being a CSULB geology alumnus. There are so...oo many excellent alumni from there. YF, Austin, TX


We are happy to support CSULB Geology! We both know how important Summer Field is to a graduating senior.  I know from experience that consulting firms prefer hiring graduates who completed the course. It's also so much more fun traveling as a geologist. You see everything so differently. Everything is interesting. Everything is exciting.  Thanks for reaching out to us. It's awesome to see how our alumni network bands together to help out the next generation. KD & DD, Long Beach


I'm fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to continue working from home for now. I really feel for people who don't have that option and are out of work right now or struggling to finish their degree. It's difficult enough trying to finish without all the financial pressure and uncertain job market. I'm glad I'm in a position to help out! AM, Bakersfield


 I will contribute because summer field for me was the ultimate culmination of the previous undergraduate years.  Although I acknowledge that remote sensing is an invaluable tool and completely appropriate for "unreachable" locales, I do encourage you to not do a completely remote-sensing summer field.  Geologists need the field experience not just as a learning experience, but also as a life experience.  SR, Nevada


I was a struggling student financially, and I remember where I came from.  Without the help of my department, and all my professors and HSU foundation I would never have made it.  Many of my colleagues graduated from LB state. AC, Pasadena


I know school will be mostly online this fall, but I really hope things go back to normal after that. Geology is a subject where you’ll learn more if you get to be hands on. That’s why field camp is so important too, so I hope that all students who need the class are always able to attend.  TB, Cypress


I loved my geology education at CSULB.  I was always torn between business and geology.  My feeling is you can learn business without a degree not so with science.   Wish I could give more! Once I get my last 2 out of college, I can step it up. My field studies classes where times in my life that I can never forget. I hope that the current and future geology students can have the same experience. When I was a student at CSULB my books cost more each year than tuition!  GG, NY

Comments from alumni and donors to the Beachfunder for Geology Field Students:

May 05, 2020

From email comments:


Thank you so much for putting together this fundraiser to help your students graduate and to get them the best hands-on geologic education possible. To be honest, I started tearing up while reading that students may not be able to attend traditional summer field this year.  I feel as a geologist, summer field is an essential experience.  NO, Long Beach


I was in a similar situation when I took summer field (minus COVID-19), but was fortunate to get a stipend to support me. This capstone course is critical for Geologist and is what truly made me start feeling like a Geologist, where I could put everything together.  GA, Altadina


I fondly remember summer field in 1977 with Drs. Green and Grannell.  Mapping the north rim of the Grand Canyon and Roberts Creek Mountain area was extremely challenging but well worth the effort. As it turned out, summer field was the only time I spent field mapping in my 30-year career in the geosciences…However, I have no regrets.  The geology program at Long Beach provided me with a solid foundation which carried me through my entire career.  I'm happy to help Long Beach geology students. ME, Virginia


I'm happy to be able to help--I'm just sad it wasn't able to be at the sapphire level! It's wonderful that you've put this together to help the students. I wish you success in your effort to better help the program and students weather this storm! RT, Madison, Wisconsin


I'm glad I saw the post on LinkedIn and could contribute. I did my field camp in Idaho and it changed my life. I've heard some field camps have been canceled or are going online. I hope that CSULB finds a way to keep students engaged no matter the direction you have to go. RW, Pittsburgh


I'm glad I am at a point in my life where I can donate a larger amount.  I remember the financial struggle of summer field.  I was an older student with expensive rent and lot's of bills, supporting myself.  The idea of taking six weeks off of work on top of the cost of the course was challenging, but I made it happen with assistance and some help from my father. I can't imagine what these students are going through in this current situation with COVID-19.  Going to summer field was one of the greatest learning experiences in my life. Incorporating all the geology classes in a hands-on situation and the mapping was awesome. Not to mention it was fun! GT, Ventura


Glad to support current students as much as I’m able to in these times!   Hope all is well and I’m happy to see that the geo faculty at CSULB is doing all they can to keep students on track! ED, Washington


I was a poor student once—I understand. TLS, Houston


I love field work. I did a field thesis and spent 4 summers in a bunch of different mountain ranges in Nevada working on Paleozoic carbonates. Hot and dusty with rattlesnakes and ticks in the south, and just ticks in the northern ranges, but with wonderful rocks. I had to give something back after the wonderful life I was able to have as a geologist. I hope your students get the same opportunity.  JD, Ventura


I hope all the students can get through these tough times and I wish them all the best of luck! 

Thanks again for everything you guys did for me to help me graduate and get me started in my career as an environmental geologist. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive group of professors and students during my time in college. JK, Irvine


Just donated.  Hope the program and the students will get to experience Summer Field at some capacity this year.   Couldn’t imagine my undergrad experience at CSULB without it and I imagine it’s already been a tough semester for you guys.  EA, Bakersfield


Thinking back to summer field, I would feel terrible if students couldn't make it.  Was such a great time as a geologist!  PO, Torrance


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