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College of Education

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College of Education

CSULB College of Education is to become the source of expertise on urban education for our service area and beyond.

The Dean’s Excellence Fund provides Dean Anna Ortiz with the discretionary funding necessary to support the Dean’s priorities and to address urgent needs in the College of Education. While we continue to make strides towards Equity and Excellence in Education, your support of the Dean’s Excellence Fund plays a critical role in allowing Dean Ortiz to make the College a leader in advancing equity and urban education.  

The Teachers for Urban Schools Initiative is a partnership between CSULB College of Education and Long Beach Unified School District designed to recruit and prepare more teachers of color to reflect the demographics and shared lived experiences of students in our local schools. Your gift today to the Teachers for Urban Schools Initiative is an investment in the next generation of educators who are dedicated to improving the lives of students through education. 

“There is a great, great need for teachers of color in schools.  Our classrooms are diverse, and we need to have teachers who reflect and look like and come from the same neighborhoods as the students in the classrooms.” Dr. Jolan Smith

 Thank you for your support! 

How to recruit teachers of color? Start early. | California State University Long Beach (

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