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College of Professional and Continuing Education

$1,200 raised from 4 donors

CPaCE Dean’s Excellence Fund

Help ensure people have the skills they need to land good jobs and help businesses thrive! Gifts to the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) help the Beach provide in-demand, skill-based educational programs needed in our region. By contributing to CPaCE, you help us help adult and professional learners obtain the skills industry needs now and help us keep these programs relevant tomorrow through constant improvement and program revisions as needed. 

Contributing resources to professional program development ensures that CSULB alumni can return to the Beach to upskill or reskill as the job market evolves. Gifts also help us provide the support and career guidance adult and professional learners need to achieve their goals. 

Your investment will help build a stronger economy and a resilient workforce.  

Thank you for your support during Beach Spring Day of Giving!

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