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Beach Building Services

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Beach Building Services Campus Renewal Fund

California State University, Long Beach is home to more than 322 acres of open spaces, learning areas and collaborative facilities that together form the stage upon which students learn, grow and thrive. Our campus is a meaningful part of the university experience, offering a sense of belonging to all who spend time here. Its infrastructure and landscape must continue to adapt to our community’s evolving needs while preserving our campus for generations.

This Beach Spring Day of Giving, we invite you to support the Beach Building Services Campus Renewal Fund, providing support for Beach Building Services to revitalize outdoor areas, modernize and update campus infrastructure, and refresh and refurbish learning environments and collaborative facilities, all critical to the university experience. Your support could help:

    Provide Equitable Access to All: Adapt and renew the overall campus experience with integrated and inclusive updates to walkways, wayfinding, lighting, classrooms, public areas and stairways, ensuring usability and access for the Beach community.

    Advance Sustainable and Regenerative Initiatives: Modernize our central plant, decarbonize our campus, implement clean stormwater strategies, and convert all university vehicles to alternative energy sources. We will reforest campus green spaces and provide natural shade to pedestrian walkways in a way that is sensitive to our native environment and climate.

    Generate Learning Opportunities Beyond the Conventional Classroom: Provide an environment that is safe, accessible, and functional by improving study areas, adding outdoor classrooms, and updating necessary infrastructure. We will refresh and integrate our ornamental gardens, outdoor public spaces, and courtyards into alternative learning modalities. 

Thank you for your support during Beach Spring Day of Giving!

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