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Women's Volleyball

$13,045 raised from 67 donors

Support Women's Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball fields a competitive team of dedicated players, ready to serve up an exciting season! Along with their rigorous academic schedules, our student-athletes pour their heart and soul into making each season a success, and they couldn’t do it without the support from the Beach Community! Gifts from generous donors like you help to provide invaluable support that funds things such as: 

  • Summer school scholarships 
    • $40k a year ($2-3k per student-athlete per session, 2 sessions) 
  • Nutrition: we would be able to feed our student-athletes 3 meals a day during season + 2 meals in the spring. 
    • $30-$35k/year for 3 meals a day (team) 
    • $20k/yr. for 2 meals a day (team) 
  • Tech/equipment 
    • Jump monitors 
    • Physical outputs 
    • Gym equipment 
    • Fun noodles 
    • Recruiting dollars 
  • Facility upgrades and more! 

Every gift makes a positive impact on our players ability to succeed in the classroom, in competition, and in the community.  

Thank you for your continued support and Go Beach! 

Your gift could make DOUBLE the IMPACT! Be sure to ask your employer if they sponsor a matching gift program and have your gift amount matched or even DOUBLED!

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