Thank you for contributing to DreamCatchers and helping to fulfill the dream for a hospice patient. On behalf of The Beach, our students, faculty and staff, we give thanks for the continued generosity of friends like you. Thank you and go beach!

DreamCatchers - Fulfill the Dream for a Hospice Patient

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DreamCatchers - Fulfill The Dream For A Hospice Patient

The CSULB Gerontology Program DreamCatchers Chapter was established just prior to Covid and the last of the three "dreams" we fulfilled before the world "shut down" occurred in March 2020. We were able to arrange a wedding for a man with terminal cancer to commemorate his 60+ year marriage to his sweetheart, set up a romantic dinner at the home of a man (also with terminal cancer), and do a yard clean up for a gentleman at the end of his life. Funds needed for supplies comes solely from donations and all participants in making dreams come true are volunteers. Your support allows the DreamCatchers chapter to provide older adults at the end of their life (and their families) with memories to cherish.

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